Contact Info

North Charleston Community Center:

2009 7th Ave
Phone# (304)348-6884
Manager: Billy Wright
Program Coordinator: Richard Clendenin

Kanawha City Community Center:

3511 Venable Ave
Phone# (304)348-6484
Manager: Dax Miller
Program Coordinator: Erika Crump

Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center:

314 Donnally St.
Phone# (304)348-6406
Manager: Jennifer Holley
Program Coordinator: Rashard Clark

Roosevelt Neighborhood Center:

502 Ruffner Ave.
Phone# (304)348-0529
Program Coordinator: Tonya Cummings

Cato Park:

200 Baker Lane
Phone# (304)348-6860
Director of Parks and Recreation: John Charnock
Manager of leisure services: Lynn Watts
Office Support Specialist : Leslee Myers
Office Support Specialist: Shawnee Dunlap
Program Coordinator Citywide Events: Kelsey Gilbert
Program Coordinator Citywide Events: Julianne Yacovone