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Recreation Centers

Individual Recreation and Public use Areas

These areas are spread throughout the city and allow quick access for exercise and activity.


57th Street | 57th Street Kanawha City

57th street park is a fenced in outdoor basketball court with a swing set and climbing structures located in a Kanawha City neighborhood.


Chandler Drive | Arnold Drive

Chandler offers the neighborhood an outdoor basketball court and a swing set.


Coal Branch Heights | 230 Twilight Drive

Twilight features a retro playground and a swing set. An outdoor basketball court for summer practice and a small picnic shelter. Its hilltop location is perfect for watching planes take off.


Daniel Boone Park | 2831 Kanawha Blvd East

Boat docks, walking paths, gazebo over the river


Danner Meadows | Longwood Road

Danner Meadows has a path 1/3 mile around with workout stations along the way. Tons of green space great for kicking around a soccer ball. There’s an awesome play structure with a large covered picnic area for community gatherings. Located at Danner Meadows is an access point for the Hamilton Trail.


Dog Park | East Washington St. and Maxwell

A great space for Fido to roam free, the East End Dog Park offers a fenced in space to toss a Frisbee to your dog and water access.


Elk River Park | Donnally Street and Clendenin

Fishing pier located on the Elk river. Right next to the King Community softball field.


Frontier Boat Dock | 1498 McCorkle Ave

Boat dock and launch into the Kanawha river. Located near the UC campus.


Haddad Riverfront Park | 601 Kanawha Blvd East

River Music Venue

Haddad Riverfront Park is located in Downtown Charleston next to the Kanawha River. Home to the Summer concert series Live on the Levee (Website) presented by the Moses Automotive Group as well as being a centralized location for many of Charleston’s other events. It is also one of the best places to get a spectacular view of the city fireworks!


Jackson St. Playground | 1512 Jackson St.

The Jackson St. Playground is located near the Roosevelt Neighborhood Center. A great space to play on the East End.


Magic Island | 101 Kanawha Blvd West

Magic Island is conveniently adjacent to the Kanawha River. It features sand volleyball courts, walking paths, and a unique playground. It offers plenty of free fun for the whole family. This park was recently improved with the addition of the only splash pad in Charleston. An interactive and educational way for kids to cool off during the summer months.


Oakmont Park

A great community Park. The neighborhood delights in coming together for little league games at the baseball field. A decent sized play structure accompanies the outdoor basketball court that sees a lot of South Hills summer action.


Rugby Street/Haynes Park | 1529 Piedmont road

An old school neighborhood playground featuring climbing equipment and an overlook.


Spence Drive | Wertz Drive and Spence Drive

An outdoor basketball court and climbing equipment.


South Park | South Park Road and South Maple

South Park has an outdoor basketball court with a surrounding path that where the neighborhood children can safely ride their bikes. A swing set, slide, and climbing structure are included in the fenced in park area.


Sugar Creek | Sugar Creek Drive

Sugar Creek has a great playground and swing set. Easy access parking next to the outdoor basketball court. Plenty of green space that would be great for a picnic.


Westmoreland Playground | 511 Westmoreland Dr.

An attractive park located on a West Virginia hillside with an outdoor basketball court and a playground.