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As a department we are committed to bringing fun and enjoyable events and activities to the community. Our main goal is for a happy, healthy, active Charleston. We are dedicated to making our city a better place to live.
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parkrun USA in Charleston 1 month ago

We recently had a local Charleston resident approach us about bringing a program called parkrun USA to Charleston. parkrun is an international organization that is designed to promote running in the local parks. This would be the first of its kind in West Virginia.................

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2017 A Year in the Parks 4 months ago

2017 was a busy year for Charleston Parks and Recreation and we've had many changes. We started the year losing some extra with the Biggest Loser Challenge and ended the year winning in the Charleston Christmas Parade. We ran trails, shot straight,dove in, explored, adventured, took a stand, and even sang a little. We are more then ready to get this year moving and #getactivecwv........

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Biggest Loser Challenge 4 months ago

The Biggest Loser Challenge is based on the TV show and is a healthy, competitive way to lose weight. Last year there were over 90 participants that joined the program to improve their health and take advantage of everything that was available to them. Participants were offered multiple boot camps every week as well as nutritional classes.......

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Trail Info:

Neighborwoods Trail System

The Neighborwoods trails consist of local trails throughout the city. They can be found near Carriage Drive, Danner Meadow Park, Hamilton Place, and Cato Park. While on these trails please respect private property and stay on the marked trail. Be Safe and Enjoy!

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Roosevelt Center

Positive re-use of a beloved community school in an active neighborhood

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MLK Center

Martin Luther King Jr.

See our natural playground and boxing ring

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North Charleston

North Charleston

Outdoor basketball, softball and a dog park!

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Kanawha City

Kanawha City

Bring your family for Tennis!

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Cato Park

Cato Park

Come try our 9 hole golf course and foot golf course!

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Spring Hill

Recreation Areas

Get out and enjoy your City!

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