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parkrun USA in Charleston

parkrun USA in Charleston 1 month ago

We recently had a local Charleston resident approach us about bringing a program called parkrun USA to Charleston. parkrun is an international organization that is designed to promote running in the local parks. This would be the first of its kind in West Virginia.................

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2017 A Year in the Parks

2017 A Year in the Parks 4 months ago

2017 was a busy year for Charleston Parks and Recreation and we've had many changes. We started the year losing some extra with the Biggest Loser Challenge and ended the year winning in the Charleston Christmas Parade. We ran trails, shot straight,dove in, explored, adventured, took a stand, and even sang a little. We are more then ready to get this year moving and #getactivecwv........

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Biggest Loser Challenge

Biggest Loser Challenge 4 months ago

The Biggest Loser Challenge is based on the TV show and is a healthy, competitive way to lose weight. Last year there were over 90 participants that joined the program to improve their health and take advantage of everything that was available to them. Participants were offered multiple boot camps every week as well as nutritional classes.......

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Parks and Rec Goes Disney

Parks and Rec Goes Disney 5 months ago

Every year for the past three years our department had been participating in the Charleston Christmas parade. As a department we love coming together to build a float for this city tradition that brings the community out in full force for some quality family fun.

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Cato Park Trail Run

Cato Park Trail Run 6 months ago

Over the past year our department has been adamant about improving and promoting our trails at Cato Park. We have done several events at Cato Park and Program Coordinator Kelsey Gilbert has done several guided trail hikes.

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Homework Buddies

Homework Buddies 9 months ago

Homework Buddies is a program at the North Charleston Community center. It was started by Program Coordinator Richard Clendenin, a former principal of Riverside High School in the Kanawha county school district.

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Cato Trail System

Cato Trail System 9 months ago

The Cato Park Trails are a beautiful wooded system woven throughout the property. We have found that, despite our efforts, very few people are aware that they have trails in their very backyard.

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Report Vandalism

Report Vandalism 10 months ago

Our Department has been working hard to maintain our parks. We have also been working to bring upgrades and improvements for the community. It has been brought to our attention recently...

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Born Learning Trail on Magic Island

Born Learning Trail on Magic Island 10 months ago

Our department has been making many improvements to Magic Island recently, so when we were approached by United Way of Central West Virginia about the addition of a Born Learning Trail we couldn't turn down the opportunity.

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Magic Island Improvements

Magic Island Improvements 1 year ago

After numerous years of heavy use we found that Magic Island needed some TLC. The goal is to make the site more user friendly and with some adjustments it will be more conducive to big group outings/special events. We will be eliminating a sidewalk that constantly held water and...

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