Cato Trail System

by: Julianne Yacovone 6 years ago

The Cato Park Trails are a beautiful wooded system woven throughout the property. We have found that, despite our efforts, very few people are aware that they have trails in their very backyard. Our trails get hikers, dog walkers, and trail runners due to there convenient location in the center of Charleston. The trails have different levels of difficulty. Some have mild hills, others have more intense terrain. There are many areas to explore on the trails and discoveries to make including a creek and a fire pit.

Our trails are mapped and on a color coded system. We are currently working on marking them differently, with distances included, so they are more easily navigated. Our team has started having more events and activities at Cato Park with a focus on the trail system. Watch our website for hikes and runs on the trails. We invite you to come explore your neighborhood trails at Cato Park.