Homework Buddies

by: Julianne Yacovone 2 years ago

Homework Buddies is a program at the North Charleston Community center. It was started by Program Coordinator Richard Clendenin, a former principal of Riverside High School in the Kanawha county school district. Before Richard was a principal he was teacher, which gave him firsthand insight into the necessity of this program. He believes everyone deserves the chance to get help with their homework and the chance to improve their grades. Richard mentioned that the North Charleston Community Center has kids of various ages that come every day and he wanted to give them the option of getting help with their school work if they chose to.

The program started last year and is made up of volunteers provided by the kind people of River Ridge Church located in Charleston. He said they’ve had kids participate in the program almost every day. Richard hopes that they will make an even bigger impact this year. Homework Buddies is offered at no cost every Monday through Thursday from 4-6pm while school is in session.